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Taking a global creative platform from a simple idea, to e-commerce, to retail →


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UpperStream is a Canadian brand which fuses music & fashion. Since it's inception in 2015, we've worked with UpperStream on growing their brand's presence & identity through all mediums. Taking them from a simple idea, to e-commerce, to retail - here's how we did it.



Our brand strategy with UpperStream was focused around crafting a brand that could connect and inspire people from all walks of life. UpperStream was built on two fundamental arts — music & fashion, both universal mediums. In turn, it was clear that the brand had to be understood globally. We began by designing a logo that was simple, appealing, & applicable to the many mediums we planned to use it through. With such a heavy focus on visual & sonic mediums, we decided to avoid a text-based alternate logo, solely leaving room for visual interpretation.


Sound & Style.


This phrase became the simplest way to describe a growing platform of creators, curators, & artists from around the world.


Web Design.

Being a content + commerce platform, UpperStream's website had to be user-friendly, engaging, & easy to navigate. The website included a fully integrated e-commerce shop, content pages for music & lookbooks, and a stunning homepage.



Our content strategy consisted heavily of photography content surrounding the artists, merchandise, & creators on the platform. The occasional music premiere for artists on the label provided a mix of sonic content to accompany the visual side of the platform.



The platform grew as social media became our primary driver of traffic, impressions, conversation & conversions.


Social media engagement over the course of 2 years drove hundreds of thousands of unique website visits, thousands of units of merchandise sales & beyond all, an intense brand loyalty for the growing creative platform.

The brand loyalty & engagement we'd developed together resulted in UpperStream being retailed across Canada, including at one of Toronto's premier hat shops in the heart of Queen Street.